That was the real Santa!

I don’t know if you overheard my son as we walked away following our ‘Photo With Santa’ event.

My son’s eyes were a big as saucers as he told me, “Dad! That was the real Santa Claus!”

Thank you for keeping Santa real.

Danny H

Great Santa surprise

We booked Santa Bob to surprise our kids ages 7, 5, and 2. It went great! Great suit and look, kids couldn’t stop talking about it.

Kevin L 


Thank you so much for the video!!! It was absolutely perfect! We just showed it to them this morning. The kids could not believe their eyes and were shocked to see Santa had their picture and a book filled with notes about them.

You really did an amazing job and I can’t thank you enough. It was funny and personalized and the look in their eye was priceless.

Thank you for sending some incredible Christmas spirit and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

Amanda L 

Amazing Santa

We truly enjoyed Santa Bob… he was so great with the kids. We had a kid that just got done with chemo treatment that morning and Santa came early to see the little boy.

You won’t be disappointed. He is a honest Santa. You will love him!

Stephanie N

Our New Favorite Christmas Tradition!

This was a wonderful Santa and SO kind and loving with our children. He’s by far the BEST Santa we’ve ever visited. He made our baby’s first Christmas so special. We will be asking him to come every year!

Lisa M


Santa Bob was an amazing Santa. He speaks with the children in such a “Santa” way. He stays in character- so much so… I was secretly convinced he was the real Santa. I highly recommend Santa Bob!

Angie H

Best Santa Event

Santa Bob was the best Santa for our community event. He made each child feel special and really connected with them. He even made the sweetest Santa video for a child who couldn’t attend due to cancer treatments.

His outfit was great and his Santa smile was priceless. He is the perfect Santa and highly recommend him.

Donna S

Fantastic Santa

Truly fantastic Santa. He went the extra mile to make each child feel special. The girl’s reactions were priceless. Five stars.

Elise S


     Santa Bob was PERFECT!! We will be hiring him every year!

Terry M

Amazing Video

Just watched some amazing videos to Norm’s grand kids, awesome job!!

Love the personalization.

Michael S.

Sweetest Santa!

Santa was the best with all the kids at our school. He was super patient as we have children from 6 weeks to 5 years. We are definitely looking forward to next year 🙂

Michele C

The Video Brought Tears to My Eyes

      Oh, the video was perfect! Absolutely brought tears to my eyes.

Jeanine P

Wonderful Santa!

Could not have been more pleased. Santa was fabulous and the communication before the event was great. Hope to make it an annual thing.

Kaley B

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