Chat With Santa

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Santa is Available All Year Long to Telephone and Chat With Your Child About Anything and Everything.


Have Santa Call & Wish Your Child a Happy Birthday!

    • What would be more exciting than to have Santa call your child on their birthday?
    • Enjoy a live conversation.

Santa Can Call to Recognize & Praise Your Child for a Task Well Done!

    • Did your child do a great job on a test or special assignment?
    • Is your child going above and beyond helping out at home?
    • A phone call from Santa can reinforce good behavior.

Have Santa Call to Encourage Your Child in an Area, in Which They Need Additional Effort.

    • Is your child struggling with reading, math, memorization?
    • Santa recognizes that we sometimes struggle with new concepts.
    • An encouraging call from Santa can help. 

Maybe Your Child Just Needs a Call From Santa.

    • Whether they are having a good day or bad day, Santa can reinforce good behaviors and encourage additional effort where needed.


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