Our Story

I am a retired accountant, having worked and lived in New York, Alabama, Texas and New Mexico.

Upon retirement my wife and I relocated to Tennessee, to be closer to our two sons and daughter.

Portraying Santa Claus was something that has interested me and I pursued the opportunity at the urging of my family.

Like any new venture, there is some hesitancy and nervousness associated with it.

My first Santa appearance was putting on the suit and merely walking through a Christmas tree farm with my family. Once I experienced the awe and amazement of the children I met that day, I was sold on the idea.

Although Santa Claus is secular, I firmly believe that there is no Christmas without Christ.

Being invited into your homes as Santa, whether in person or through a video visit is a privilege, a privilege that I take seriously.

I strive to keep the Christmas Spirit alive, and hope that we can live the principles of Christmas, love and kindness not only during the Christmas season, but all year long.










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